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This is the process I have invented and followed for years to grow my business in different countries.

Connect is the most straightforward tool and thus the most effective one when it comes to growing your network and increasing your sales. 

This course helps you meet the right people, increase your sales, and get more clients and paid opportunities.  

A step-by-step formula where you can connect, sell, and close the deal.

This is ideal if you are looking to

👉🏽 Grow your  Network

👉🏽 Finding media opportunities

👉🏽 Selling your services

👉🏽 Finding a job

👉🏽Getting interviews in podcasts or media outlets

See you on the other side!

Business Accelerator
1 on 1

You are looking to step on your game massively. You are ready for success now.

Could you work with me 1on1? Join my exclusive 1on1 business accelerator program, where we will tackle those blocks that don’t let you go forward. 

We will find the proper marketing and business actions that fit your goal and personality while working on your mindset, limiting beliefs and blocks that don’t serve you.

Working with me is a step-by-step to the next level of success.

You need the right mindset, take action, and work with me to get where you want to be.  

1on1 is excellent for you if 

👉🏽 You have been in business for a while, you love what you do, and you want to make life easier in your business.

👉🏽 You want to find harmony between your life and business

👉🏽 You want to systemize your business and marketing 

👉🏽 You want to make life and business easier

👉🏽 You want to grow personally and financially on your own terms

Film Marketing

I have changed brand colors but my love for films hasn’t changed. 

Do you have a film you want to promote?

Ask me for the film marketing package I have in storage for you. 

My podcast

A series of episodes with amazing magical people that I´ve interviewed for my Life & Business podcast.

Let's make your business and career a