Welcome to a new episode of Life and Business Podcast. A place where we talk about life, business, money, family, and many other topics that are part of these two elements.

In this episode, I’ll talk about the mindset that has helped me have a better life and business. When I started my business, it was really difficult especially because I grew up with a lot of programs, a lot of mental blocks from my culture, my family, my background.

Being from Mexico meant having a lot of scarcity in mind. This meant I needed to reprogram my brain.

One thing you can do to reprogram your brain when you are not satisfied with the life that you have is, change your mentality. Changing the mindset that you think or believe in, but then you need to work on changing that mindset.

Mindset is the decision you make when you see a glass of water and you decide if it’s half full or half empty. It’s also between positive thinking and negative thinking, and you can also call it “selected thoughts”.
This means that you decide how good or bad you want to start your day, if it’s going to be a good or a bad day, in the end, is your decision to make

Today I’m gonna share eight mindset shifts that help me to have a better life.

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