Today we’re going to talk about affirmations.

I already talked about affirmations in another episode earlier, and I wanted to give space to this tool because this tool has helped me tons.
I discovered affirmations around six years ago, and it’s something I have been doing since then. I do it daily, several times a day if I can, and this is a tool that helps you reprogram your brain. To delete or fight all those negative thoughts that we have every day. We have between sixty thousand and eighty thousand ideas daily, and ninety percent are negative thoughts.

We are programmed to see the negative outcome first. Being negative is normal. Sometimes we don’t know that we have these programs and beliefs. We have these mental blocks because we aren’t aware of them. Affirmations help you reprogram your brain, get positive thinking, and will impact your life.

The things that you do, your beliefs and blocks, those stories you have in your mind are the ones that are stopping you from being who you want to be. You want to succeed, but sometimes it’s like it’s not going the way You want. You aren’t achieving your goals, but everything has a reason. Usually, it’s because we sabotage ourselves, and we have a story somewhere in the belief system that stops us from getting where we want to be.

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