Today we’re going to talk about pregnancy and business, because as you know or maybe you don’t, while we were producing this podcast, I’ve been pregnant.
Being a mother and businesswoman is a challenge. The balance between both aspects has made life easier and happier.

I would’ve like to talk about pregnancy and business because that doesn’t mean that you can’t run a business while you’re pregnant.

When I opened Rossscammm and decided to be an entrepreneur, I decided to get pregnant. Why not?

Rossscammm has been growing with my daughters.
For me, both pregnancies have been super creative periods. I have found these projects to be excited and work. I feel the need to accomplish a bunch of things.

I needed to like my first pregnancy. I thought the world was going to end. I was doing all the things that I couldn’t do before.
I was working on a project and learned a new skill. I was trying to do my best to do everything I could do.

In this episode, I share my journey and experience in my two pregnancies and how I dealt with them as an entrepreneur.


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