Welcome to this new episode of Life & Business Podcast. We have an amazing guest today and I’m so excited to interview her because she’s a superwoman her name is Cathy Wigley, she is a film producer and film director.

Cathy founded Demarcation Films in 2015 while on maternity leave. Demarcation Films is a boutique production agency that connects clients directly with world-class production talent, creating beautiful, engaging, and compelling films/content for corporate clients.

Demarcation Films has since produced over 100 films for a range of high-profile global companies and brands including Carlsberg, the UKRI, Pandora, AB-InBev, 1664 Blanc, Cobham, SAB Miller, and Pilsner Urquell, as well as multiple smaller UK businesses.

Cathy’s secret superpower is turning complicated or technical briefs into interesting, cool, inspiring, and engaging films.

Demarcation Films brings together a range of exceptionally talented creative and broadcast television professionals to create outstanding content. Unlike many other agencies, they’ve always operated virtually – meaning clients don’t pay for fancy offices and can access great content at an incredibly competitive price.

Prior to setting up her own company, Cathy worked for 17 years producing and directing TV programs for a range of global broadcasters including BBC 1, BBC2, ITV, Five, Discovery, Channel 7 (Australia), HGTV (US), and more and has extensive production experience in both the UK and Australia.



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